Director Andrew Zümwalt
Writer Andrew Zümwalt
Genre Fantasy
Tagline "You're my biggest fan!"
Plot Outline What if you started seeing and hearing a folkin' ghost that followed you around all day? You get up, he's there. You brush your teeth, he's there. You go to work, he's there. You come home, he's there. You go to sleep, he's there. Could you deal with it or would it finally get to you?
Running Time: 9 minutes
Kevin Klonsky   Jeremy Gracey
Dave   Dave Williams
Rating This Film Is Proudly Not Rated
Associated With National Film Challenge
Release Date October 22, 2007
Awards N/A
Production Arizona Ink Studios
Filming Locations West Des Moines, Iowa
DVD Available on Arizona Ink Studios DVD
Language English
Color Color
Sound Dolby Digital
"Folkin' Ghost"
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