Director Andrew Zümwalt
Writer Andrew Zümwalt
Genre Holiday Film
Tagline "Why won't you take me?"
Plot Outline People are unwillingly abducted by aliens every year. To a small group of people in the world though, this is their dream. Sit with their support group and see why they can't be abducted.
Running Time: 7 minutes
Aimee Courter   Aimee Courter
Katie Courter   Katie Courter
Juanita Shold   Suzanne Courter
Jeremy Gracey   Jeremy Gracey
Dan Nieland   Dan Nieland
Kimberly Shold   Kimberly Rodemeyer
John Shold   James Watson
Dave Williams   Dave Williams
Renee Williams   Renee Williams
Rating This Film Is Proudly Not Rated
Associated With 48 Hour Film Project
Release Date July 29, 2007
Awards N/A
Production Arizona Ink Studios
Filming Locations West Des Moines, Iowa and Des Moines, Iowa
DVD Available on Arizona Ink Studios DVD
Language English
Color Color
Sound Dolby Digital
Soundtrack N/A
"Non Abductees Anonymous' Festival Of Extraterrestrial Abductions Day With The Sholds"
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