West Side Jedi Update

Sunday, 05.22.2011 @ 06:54PM

It is official! The color correction and cleanup of every shot is complete. There are only a couple last details to fill in before doing the final compositing and the final audio edit with Sound FX. We are so close folks I can taste it! Great week to be this far as Star Wars's birthday is Wednesday...must be karma!

May the Force Be with You!

Posted by Andrew Zumwalt


Tuesday, 05.17.2011 @ 02:00AM

Well Arizona Ink Studios has finally started reaching out to other social networking in the world. You can now follow us on Twitter! Check out @AZInkStudios and follow us. Want to see all the latest information on West Side Jedi as it happens? Use #WestSideJedi as your hashtag...or maybe you want to talk about West Side Jedi...

Posted by Andrew Zumwalt